Business as a Bank.

Make it your revenue center. 


QBanq™ unique expertise and fresh insight provides a culture of innovation, organization and transformation by developing the first “Business as a Bank” Eco System. This was done by creating
a disruptive technology for large companies who value their finances as a treasured asset using Cryptocurrency and Market - Driven-Capitalism. 

Qbanq™'s platforms provide financial security, governance, access, applications and banking services without adding increased complexity on a Global Business Platform.


Full development of all QBanq™ properties including proprietary Debit and CC processing networks, private blockchain, server nodes, international digital and government-issued currency exchange, Token, wallet and internal banking structure, Development of additional currency programs as required to meet demand. QBanq™’s solutions are designed to become more profitable, flexible and responsive to market and business developments as needed in a continually changing market.

Be your own bank by turning
your liabilities into revenue centers!


QBANQ™ creators have a long history in fintech, banking, business finance and currency management disruptive technology development.
These Technology applications along with QBanq’s 100% transparency
and security will be the priority investment for 2019 and beyond. 
XGemina, Inc.: Disruptive payment processing platform allows transactions in any currency, digital or government paper, with
lower than market processing fees.
QBanq™: Proprietary placement and management platform
is designed to facilitate companies as they transition from traditional banks to being their own bank allowing them to maximize revenues in all aspects of their business by creating
a token that parlays company value based on business growth while turning banking costs into company bank profits.
ETC protocol “intelligent convertible code” coin design with governance controls determinable by coin provider. All coin programs must agree to be SEC compliant, but governance rules may vary greatly to accommodate the designed needs.

Founders of Qbanq™ built the 
technology that currently
process more than 20% of all 
Electronic Payments Globally.





QBanq pulls money directly from company and to employees debit cards.


Large banks charge anywhere between 2.55% to 5.14% APR on loans.


Payment is transferred directly from the company to the vendor without any additional fees.

Credit Purchase

The rates on business credit card as of April 2018 were about 14 percent

Employee Spend

As of 2018, the average interest rate on the consumers' credit card is 15.32%. 

Currency Pool

The currency pooling system is to equalize among all borrowers the risks and the fluctuations.


Create a token that parlays company value based on business growth.


Banks have various loans charging equally various interest rates.

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