QBANQ™ tokens are designed as “Intelligent convertible code” (ICC). This means that while it is created using ETC code, QBanq tokens are “soft coded” allowing them to be very flexible, so should programs come into play with updates or new modules currently unavailable or not thought of, QBANQ™ proprietary ICC will be able to convert into that new code or integrate to a new code model without required re-programming. QBANQ™ platforms will help organizations achieve higher ROI by using our business-user focused features that facilitate independent user interaction. This will minimize the amount of IT resources and result in less time spent developing their own platform. 


Even More Value!

The Company can place its currency in “Currency Pools” leveraging against drops in any one currency and moving numbers up or down
in certain currencies to gain higher overall value, yet stay on a single platform with money in competitive exchanges globally. 



QBANQ™ Business as a Bank model:

QBANQ™ offers Companies a Node that integrates companies into the banking system using secure standards on a peer level. The QBANQ™ Node can optionally also replace a bank’s legacy Payments Systems. The Node serves all channels, Mobile & Internet.


By deploying the Node, Companies are able to:

  • Interface multiple, secure company relationships

  • Facilitate new Payments standards, such as PSD2

  • Refresh legacy Payment technologies in the areas of ATM,

  • Enhance; User Authentication, Fraud & Risk Management, Clearing & Settlement, as well as Audit & Reporting over a Blockchain enabled framework


Companies can subscribe to a central QBANQ™ Node in each country. This Node is connected to participating Bank. QBANQ™ provides companies the following:

  • Access to banks in each country – Globally

  • Centralized Payments & Banking relationships/technologies

  • Banking as a Service

  • New Revenues


QBANQ™ can be deployed at multiple levels; State, Country, Region. QBANQ™ can provide unparalleled oversight and governance for Central Banks, Ministries and Security Services.