Unity Alliance - The UNITY Alliance creates a new type of trusted and innovative relationship structure between Banks, Fintech, Government and Industry. Participation brings a UNITY NODE to each member. UNITY is formed and managed by Xgemina on a commercial basis.


For Banks - UNITY offers Banks a Node that integrates Fintech companies into the banking system using secure standards. The UNITY Node can optionally also replace a bank’s legacy Payments Systems. The Node serves all channels, Mobile & Internet.


By deploying the Node, Banks are able to:

  • Interface multiple, secure Fintech relationships

  • Facilitate new Payments standards, such as PSD2

  • Refresh legacy Payment technologies in the areas of ATM, POS, MPOS & INTERNET

  • Enhance; User Authentication, Fraud & Risk Management, Clearing & Settlement, as well as Audit & Reporting over a Blockchain enabled framework


For FinTech - Fintech Companies can subscribe to a central UNITY Node in each country. This Node is connected to participating Bank.


UNITY provides Fintech companies the following:

  • Access to banks in each country – Globally

  • Centralized Payments & Banking relationships/technologies

  • Banking as a Service

  • New Revenues


UNITY can be deployed at multiple levels; State, Country, Region. UNITY can provide unparalleled oversight and governance for Central Banks, Ministries and Security Services.